A new year, it’s your year to shine!

So much can happen in a year’s time. When we start out in January we are completely unaware of the joy that will come, of the tragedy that will shock us, or the decisions we will be faced with.  It is what you do in those moments that determine if you are going to shine or whine. We all have times when we choose to whine, but let’s decide this year we are going to shine!

One of our dear volunteers says she wakes up every morning and says to herself…
“Today I will choose to shine not whine.”


Life is going to happen this year.  We may find ourselves being taken off guard by something we just didn’t see coming.  Someone in your family might pass, a money issue will arise, maybe even an unplanned pregnancy.  At the point you first hear the news, you have a decision you can either whine or shine.  At first everyone whines a little, but then the next step is to shine.  The easiest way to shine is to be prepared for the unexpected.  Take steps to be at peace with the people you love, take a financial class, and make a plan for bringing LIFE into this world. Here at OPRC we offer counseling even before you find yourself in an unplanned pregnancy.  Education is key to being prepared for your future.


When life gets out of hand it is very hard to handle things if you are in your pajamas and your hair is a mess.   You are important! As women we know how easy it is to take care of everyone and let go of ourselves.  When we do that we can become cranky, self-absorbed, and totally

unprepared for surprises.  You must take care of yourself spiritually, mentally, and physically. So get out of bed, get yourself ready, and find out ways to take care of yourself. Some suggestions are: find books on faith, find a church to attend, find a peaceful place to be by yourself, exercise, eat clean, and talk to a friend.


After it is all said and done you still have the decision are you going to whine or shine?  Life is full of surprises and you can be totally prepared and still choose to whine.  You can also be unprepared and choose to shine.  From experience, when you choose to shine it makes the trouble much more bearable. So it is up to you how you are going to handle what life throws your way.

Here at OPRC we completely understand how life is.  If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, OPRC is here to help you shine through this.  We offer counseling, parenting classes, and help with baby supplies.  Come on let’s choose to shine!!

You have everythingyou need right now