Why do we over think so much?

We, women, tend to think and think, and rethink what we just thought, said or did.  It doesn’t matter if you are 10, 16, 101 or anywhere in between.  We replay situations and conversations, wish we had done it differently and can usually imagine at least 5 or more scenarios’ of how it “could have been.”  I have done this for years and spent so much time analyzing and worrying, I can only imagine how much time I have wasted, and how many beautiful moments I have missed or denied myself altogether because I was too busy looking back…

All you ladies who are participating in the programs at OPRC are real heroes.  I’m sure you don’t feel that way at times, but to the baby, you have or are carrying that is exactly what you are.

I was pregnant and didn’t know anything about Pregnancy Centers but I did walk past Planned Parenthood.  As a result, I had 2 abortions in 2 years.  I spent a lot of time rethinking those decisions. Most of that time beating myself up and really coming to hate me.  Y’all have chosen to be the Mom that God intended you to be. It is scary and lonely at times… it may make you RETHINK all sorts of decisions that led you to this moment.  The best THINKING you did was to say yes to your child.  Very rarely do women regret giving birth to their babies; they usually fall in love immediately with this lil being who has made such a change in their life.  However; many women who choose abortion spend years in regret and self-hatred and in the process make more bad decision that hurt themselves as well as their families.

It took me a really long time to come to term with my choices to abort my 2 babies and the harm that decision has caused me and my family. But along the way, I learned that we are so lucky the GOD loves like God and not like humans.  That He already knows everything we have already done and He knows how to turn those situations into something beautiful, if we invite Him into our life, and let go of thinking that we have or should know all the answers.  We already thought that way and here we are…

Once I allowed God into my mess and broken heart, not only did He love me like no other human has ever loved me, but He used my mistakes to help others considering abortion.  Or to help those who already had chosen abortion in the past to heal.  If you have an abortion in your past or have a friend who has been in that situation, know there is help.

So, as you go through the months and years ahead of you, be sure there will be ups and downs, but always remember there is nothing God cannot use to make you the person He intended you to be.  There is nothing we can do that He won’t forgive and He doesn’t need us to have all the answers.  And mostly, God does not want to hurt you.

-Joy Crimmins-

From the heart of someone that understands the challenges, real women face in an uncertain world.

We all have hurts and pain and overthink way too much.  Here at OPRC you can find comfort, answers, and peace.  Nobody needs to charter the waters of uncertainty and fear alone.  If you are dealing with an unplanned pregnancy or have had an abortion please call or make an appointment online.  You will find no judgment here only care and concern, you can count on us for understanding.

You have everythingyou need right now