My Precious Treasure


Last weekend my daughter and I took a mini vacation.  We spent one night about ten minutes from our home at a horse ranch that has small cabins in the woods.  Some people might look down on this, it’s no trip to Disney world.


However, to the person that matters the most, she thought it was amazing. We had a wonderful time on our vacation.  We went horseback riding, had a picnic, played in the rain, made silly videos of her impersonating me, and stayed up late playing a board game.  She will never forget this time we spent together.


Being a single mom, I don’t always have the money to give her the expensive things in life, but I do give her all the love I possibly can.  One thing that I have learned is children crave quality time and love above all else.  They would choose a few uninterrupted hours with their parents over the most expensive toy any day.


Our culture teaches us that children can be burdens that drains your money, time, and energy.  This is a myth; my daughter is one of the greatest treasures I have.  Yes, children do take work, it is your job to care for them, teach them about life, train them to survive, and show them how to make a difference in this world.  The job can be challenging at times but the reward outweighs all of it.


If you are expecting a child it can be scary, but it can also be the most rewarding accomplishment in your life.  If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, make an appointment today.  We want to help you through this uncertain time.  We are here to listen.