Let’s face it sex is important.  The sex industry is one of the largest in the world. Sexual images are everywhere, billboards, grocery stores, even hamburger commercials.
What is this telling us?  We need to be having sex! We are not happy unless we are.  We have no control over our bodies, we must satisfy them.
What is this telling women? If you are not having sex you must not be pretty enough.  You need to change yourself, wear more provocative clothes.  Do whatever it takes to get noticed so you can join in, and be happy like everyone else having sex.
What are they not telling you? That you might end up lonely, desperate for true love, and damaged.
Let me tell you a story…
Heather woke up to a good morning text from Dylan, a guy she met last night.  Hmmm??? He must really like me she thought.  She immediately text back good morning!  Throughout the day they text, getting to know one another.  She was elated, she could hardly keep her mind on what she was doing.  She couldn’t believe her luck, 16 and already she had the man of her dreams.  He understood her, spoke her language, it was like they were meant for each other.
Then it came…… that text you have to read twice to make sure you are reading it right.  “Send me a picture, without clothes, I know you have a beautiful body.”  It felt like all the blood drained from her body. She didn’t know what to think.  Another text comes in…..”I’m waiting, you don’t want to disappoint me, do you?”  What was she going to do???  He was right she didn’t want to disappoint….. She had to do it or he would quit talking to her if she didn’t.  She slipped off her clothes, closed her eyes and took the picture.
He was impressed by her submission to his request, he kept pushing her to do more.  She continued on, but not without feelings of regret and guilt.  He asked her to come over, she was delighted.  The image of their fairy-tale returned to her mind and off she went to meet him.
She had sex that night with him, and it didn’t lead to a fairy-tale life like she thought.  It only lead to emptiness, and emptiness led to other partners, and that led to deeper loneliness.  She was left disappointed, desperate for love, and broken.
Sex really is important, it makes you feel close to someone in ways you can’t feel with other people.  All women desire to be noticed, and feel loved for who they are.  They crave physical affection, and a deep connection with one person that nobody can sever. This is possible, it just can’t be found like Heather tried to find it.
There is an old saying….”good things come to those who wait.” It is still true today.  All girls want a fairy-tale ending…..don’t let what “they” say get in the way of that.  Wait, take your time the right one will come along.  You can avoid pain that comes from these type of relationships.  If you have already started on this path, you can change it, by making good choices about your body.
Waiting until marriage is truly the only way to ensure you have a satisfying relationship, and once you’re married staying true to your partner.  You can enjoy a long lasting love with someone that has, that connection, only with you.