I need Love Couple

Have You Ever…

…felt that all you really want is to be loved?

…looked for love but found hurt and betrayal?

…found yourself doing things you didn’t want to do hoping to keep someone’s love?

Love is something every person yearns for.  It is to the heart what water is to the body.  Have you ever been thirsty that you could only think about finding something to drink?  Our heart is thirsty for someone to love us for who we are and accept us without trying to change us.  If we could just find that kind of love, then we would be truly happy.

Many women and men spend their lives looking for this love and happiness.  Brokenhearted they grab onto anything that looks like it will satisfy their thirst for love.  They may find it for a while, but it never lasts, so they continue looking. They may try alcohol, drugs or partying to dull the pain in their hearts. Or they may get involved in one sexual relationship after another looking for real love.  But nothing seems to work out as they had hoped.

What is the problem?

Why can’t I find love?

Is there something wrong with me?

Those are all legitimate questions, questions we have all wondered before.  Sometimes we choose the wrong partners, or we have deep-seated issues we have never dealt with or we just haven’t found the right person yet.  Whatever the problem is, there are solutions and know that you will find your way to love.

What is the solution?

First of all, you have to learn to like yourself from your looks to your personality.
Secondly, you have to be yourself, from your faith to your moral code, to your preferences in clothes, food, or hobbies.  In other words, be REAL and don’t ever compromise your beliefs to please someone.  It might work for a short time but eventually, you will hurt your relationship.
Thirdly, be patient!!  Someone will come around that is for you.  Take the time while you are single to work on yourself and find out who you are.

Love is very special whether it comes from your parents, friends, significant other, or your child.  If you are currently in a bad relationship or need a better understanding of what healthy relationships are, please call for an appointment or visit our website today. 910-938-7000

You have everythingyou need right now