Here is a woman wondering How Do I Know If I’m Pregnant? 

The human body is complex, which can make knowing whether or not you’re pregnant a challenge. Thankfully, there are a few indicators you can look out for before you confirm your pregnancy with a lab-quality pregnancy test and an ultrasound scan.

If you think you might be experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, take a deep breath and remember that if you do discover you are pregnant, there are options and resources available to help you during your time of need. 

Here are six common signs of pregnancy:  

1. Missed Period 

A missed period is one of the first noticeable signs of pregnancy for many women. If you have a regular cycle and your period typically comes on time, a missed period could indicate a hormonal shift from pregnancy. However, pregnancy is not the only reason a missed period could occur, so it’s still important to take a lab-quality pregnancy test.

2. Changes to Breasts

Pregnancy can be accompanied by some changes to the breasts and nipples as your body prepares to care for the fetus. You may notice swelling, tenderness, sensitivity, and changes in the color and texture of the nipples.

3. Cramping and Spotting 

Cramping and spotting can occur in the early stages of pregnancy as your body changes and makes room for the developing fetus. While spotting can be scary to experience during pregnancy, it’s important to note that it’s normal.

4. Nausea 

Often referred to as “morning sickness,” pregnancy-related nausea can actually occur throughout the day, typically within the first trimester of pregnancy. If you find you’re suddenly experiencing unexplained nausea, this could be an early indicator of pregnancy.

5. Cravings and Intensified Senses 

Heightened senses and new and intense cravings can be signs of pregnancy. This is normal as your estrogen levels skyrocket to help support the growth and maturation of the pregnancy, improve the formation of the blood vessels, and provide nutrients to the fetus. 

6. Fatigue

As hormone levels increase and the body works in overdrive to grow a fetus, fatigue can be expected. This symptom typically occurs in the first and third trimesters. If you are pregnant and intend to carry to term, it’s important to take extra time to rest and sleep to continue to give your pregnancy the support it needs. 

I think I’m pregnant. How do I know for sure? 

If you’ve noticed any of the above signs, it might be time to schedule an appointment at your local pregnancy center to confirm your pregnancy.

While at-home pregnancy tests can confirm the presence of pregnancy hormones in your body, Onslow Pregnancy Resource Center offers lab-quality pregnancy tests and ultrasound scans to provide more information at no cost.

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If the thought of being pregnant brings about feelings of fear and worry, it’s okay! The staff at Onslow PRC will help you understand and explore your options and resources. You’re not alone. Schedule your free and confidential appointment today. 

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