Abby thought, “No way I can have this baby. What about my military career?”
She wasn’t married and her boyfriend wasn’t sure what he wanted to do.
She was so scared about her future; she had not planned on being a single mom.
She met with a client advocate who was able to calm some of her fears.
The client advocate shared with Abby her own personal story, and it encouraged
Abby that she wasn’t alone.  Due to how early she was in her pregnancy, she agreed

to come back in a week for an ultrasound.

When she arrived for her ultrasound, she was obviously more relaxed.
Abby saw her baby’s heart beating on the screen and immediately fell in love.
She knew right then and there she had to keep her baby.  Abby and her boyfriend didn’t
stay together, but she continued to seek support from OPRC through parenting classes.
She knows life will be harder as a single mom, but through the education and love she has
received at here, she knows she can do it!

You have everythingyou need right now