Many of you might have seen the Special K commercial that says, WOMEN we are amazing, our bodies grow babies, we run marathons, companies, solve problems. How? WE EAT!  Now of course they can do all those things because they eat Special K. I can’t agree, I need much more than cereal to run a marathon.  What I do agree with is that women are amazing.  Through out history women are thought of to be a mystery in which a man could never figure out.  I do believe some women enjoy being mysterious, and some men enjoy cracking the code.  One mystery that has baffled men and women through the ages, is our bodies. OUR BODIES can grow babies, and that is mysterious and fascinating! There are billions of people on the earth and they all came from the body of women!

OUR BODIES are so unique that the moment we conceive, our body begins to make preparation for the new life living inside. We go through nine months of changes all in preparing for childbirth. During labor our bodies rapidly change in order to deliver new life into the world.  Motherhood begins and we train our children up to go out into the world and hopefully make it a better place.

MOTHERHOOD is one of the highest positions to hold, it is not easy, it requires much strength, sacrifice, and compassion. I feel I’ve had no greater honor in life as to have brought my daughter into this world The truth is, it not only changes the world it has the power to change you.

If you feel you are pregnant and not ready to face this challenge, we understand. We are here to walk with you through the days that lay ahead of you. Our appointments are confidential and there will be no judgment found here.  Make an appointment today, we would love to help you.