Many women have gone through an abortion, and women experience a wide range of emotions afterwards.  Many women have confided in me about their abortions.  I’ve always found it leaves women empty, there is a longing to know what could have happened, if ???  We care deeply about these women, that is why we offer a Forgiven and Set Free support group for women, who suffer from the effects abortion often leaves behind.

I want to share with you a story that is very near to my heart, one that helped me realize how important it is for women to feel forgiven and set free.

I met her when I was in training to be a client advocate, and I didn’t know it that day, but this young lady’s story would be forever etched in my mind. She came in desperate for an abortion, she felt she was in jeopardy of losing her dreams if she had this baby.  As she told her story, you could just feel her emotions radiating from her.  She stayed strong, she was not going to shed a tear, even though she desperately wanted to break down. I could feel my own tears welling up inside me.  She shared a hard life with us, one she dreamed of leaving behind when she finished college. She had everything planned out except for this.

She never made it to that life she had planned. The following week she had an abortion, we offered for her to come back and talk if she needed to.  She said she was fine and appreciated the call. Truth was she wasn’t fine, she thought she had to be strong, and that meant never talking about it.  Life took a different turn after her abortion, she began using drugs and fell deeper in despair, resulting in the end of her own life.

Abortion does not affect all women in this manner, but many do suffer from the loss.  I replay her story a lot in my head.  It is a choice that women must make for themselves, and if they choose abortion, we are here for them.  .

Please, if you are contemplating an abortion, or have had an abortion in the past, call us for an appointment (910) 938-7000 or make an appointment on the website today.   We are here to help you through whatever you are going through. Here at OPRC we care about babies and women.